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Yin Yoga Training

A 30 hour Yin Yoga Training for Yoga Instructors

Located in Tacoma Washington

Hosted by Ki Collective and Blossom Yoga

Certified through Yoga Alliance

30 CEUs

Early Bird Price $750 

Late Bird Price $900

Yin Yoga1.jpg

Join Lacey Katzer of Ki Collective in Tacoma and Jill Lovato of Blossom Yoga in Cheyenne, Wyoming for a deep dive into the philosophy, practice, teaching, and embodiment of Yin Yoga. We’ll spend 30 hours exploring the art and science of Yin Yoga through practice; posture breakdown and hands-on adjustments; lectures and discussions on the aspects of Yin, benefits of this practice, physical and subtle body anatomy, the underlying energetics of the practice from the Vedic and Taoist perspectives, and becoming a Yin teacher.

Our Meeting Days:

Meet Your Educators

Dedicated to bringing only the highest quality of education and authenticity to each class and training.

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