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Integrative Energy
Reiki Training and Mentorship

A 15hr Training for individuals seeking to expand self awarness

Located in Tacoma Washington

Hosted by Lacey Katzer and Heather Smith

October 25th-27th, 2025

Investment: $999

Payment Plans Available

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Embark on a transformative 3-day journey to earn your Reiki 1 and 2 certifications, guided by two seasoned instructors. Immerse yourself in the profound interplay of physical and energetic bodies, learning to harmonize and balance them. Awaken and trust your intuition, the quiet inner voice that guides your healing touch. Discover the secrets of the chakra system, unlocking pathways to vibrant energy flow.


Through hands-on practice, master the art of Reiki, from essential hand placements to the sacred symbols that amplify your healing power. Engage in self-applied Reiki techniques, nurturing your own energy as you prepare to nurture others. Delve into meditative journeys that deepen your spiritual connection and learn to create and hold a sacred space for your clients. Our Reiki business training will offer you the insights needed

to build a successful practice, merging passion with purpose.


Drawing upon our rich backgrounds in Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Shamanic Studies, and Sound Healing, this immersive weekend offers a uniquely comprehensive approach to Reiki training. You'll benefit from a holistic blend of healing modalities, enriching your understanding and practice of Reiki. Join us for a weekend of profound learning and connection, and emerge with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to shine as a Reiki practitioner. Let the energy flow, and step into your power as a healer in a community of kindred spirits.

Meet Your Educators

Dedicated to bringing only the highest quality of education and authenticity to each class and training.

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