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Lacey had always lived an active and healthy lifestyle. Hiking, biking, yoga, and rock climbing, had always been among some of her favorite activities. Unfortunately, enjoying these activities became fewer and further between when an unidentifiable illness crept into the picture. This unexpected shift in health happened amidst many other heavy and complicated life changes for Lacey. Among all of the life changes and chaos, high levels of stress began to form inside Lacey's body. Over time, the chronic stress signaled Lacey's body to over produce cortisol (the hormone responsible for regulating stress). Constant stimulation of the Sympathetic Nervous System depleted Lacey's internal system and suppressed its ability to function optimally. Pain, neuropathy, and inflammation filled her body and inhibited her ability to do everyday tasks. Lacey searched for help from her PCP, who ran every test imaginable with zero conclusive results. The answer then became filled with false diagnoses and empty answers in regards to her health concerns. 

Lacey quickly realized there had to be a different way to heal her failing body. She turned to alternative modes of healing for help. It was within the space of alternative medicine that Lacey finally felt like an individual with a voice instead of just another number. Her practitioners were loving, kind, and understanding. For the first time during her health quest, Lacey felt heard. 

During her time of rehabilitation, Lacey slowly repaired the regulation of her nervous system. With meditation, breath-work, various forms of bodywork, and stimulation of the Parasympathetic Nervous System, Lacey slowly regained the ability to enjoy her favorite actives again.

It was this very experience that led Lacey to a full-time career in holistic health care. Lacey now offers a variety of holistic support options in hopes to provide the same level of care and authentic compassion that was shown to her during her health journey. 

Lacey hopes to create an environment in her office where chronic pain and illness aren’t shammed for lack of understanding. She hopes to provide an environment full of support, encouragement, and authentic dialog. She hopes that all people leave her office feeling safe, held, and heard.  

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"In my office, I strive to create an environment that is nurturing and safe. I want all people to feel held and heard. I want each individual to know that their story is unique, their voice matters, and every situation is completely valid."



  • National and State Certified Reflexologist

  •  200hr E-RYT (over 1,000 hours of teaching experience)

  •  Ayurveda Practitioner (over 500 hours of study)

  •  Reiki II Practitioner 

Breathwork Educator
Cold Exposure Coach

Lynar’s interest in breathwork began in 2017 when she began attending yoga classes at Yoga Soleil in Puyallup. Wanting to deepen her personal practice, Lynar joined Inner Adventure’s 200-hour YTT in 2019. 

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  • Certified Yoga Instructor, Inner Adventure Yoga

  • Yoga Body Certified Breath Coach 

  • Completion of Wim Hof Education 

Reiki Practitioner: Level III

One of the first stories Heather told as a young child was that of a previous life. How she used to be a grandmother who broke her hip and could still feel the pain in her leg from time to time. Her very freaked out parents, who were fascinated by their three year olds concept of past lives (and inside information on age and broken bones), often retold these conversations when their daughter continued exploring the deeper meaning of life and existence throughout her childhood. It’s been very clear to Heather from a young age that we are all, at our essence, energy, and that our relationship with the energy within us and surrounding us can deeply affect our day to day lives. That we carry pain and suffering, but also knowledge and intuition, with us from past lives into this one. She believes movement, energy work, meditation and breathing techniques are amazing tools for flowing in our truest journey and handling what is arising in this lifetime.  


As a sensitive child, she learned early to put up many barriers and a brave face. She wore her labels of “strong” and “emotionless” with pride. Nothing could get to her. She was “happy.” It was only when Heather spent several weeks at an Ashram meditating and studying the monastic yogi lifestyle that she realized these barriers had to come down to live a fully present and fulfilling life. That’s when the universe presented her with a Reiki practitioner. He came up to her one evening and asked if he could have a short session to work with her heart chakra.  For one minute he placed one hand at the center of her chest and the other on her shoulder blades. Heather, not knowing what Reiki even was, said thank you and went on her way. The next morning she woke up and spent the next four weeks crying. The gates had been opened, the barriers had been demolished and she could now release the heaviness she had been holding in the last twenty years of her life. She knew Reiki had helped heal her and she promised to further investigate and share its power. 


She went on to study the art of the human body as a dance major at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. There, she learned that conveying with our bodies and movement can sometimes be clearer and more honest than communicating with words. Mindful movement can open a portal to better understanding ourselves. When we are able to transmute our deepest unspoken feelings to movement, we’re able to feel seen and “heard” in a safe way. This sparked an interest in all mind-body practices such as Yoga, Pilates and even mindful exercise. She’s spent the last ten years getting the best certifications in all modalities and sharing what she’s learned with hundreds of clients. 


Heather has devoted this life to lifting the vibration of individuals through mindful movement, breath techniques, sound healing and energy work. For she knows, holding space for individuals to safely come into a deeper awareness of themselves is the first step to healing. 

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  • Bachelor of the Arts, Major in Dance: University of Illinois

  • 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher : Sivananda Yoga 

  • Pilates Instructor : Body Arts Science International

  • Certified Personal Trainer : National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Reiki Level III

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