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The knowledge of life.


Ayur: Life | Veda: Knowledge

1:1 Ayurveda Testimonials

Ashleigh T. 

As a person who was totally new to Ayurveda, the six-week course was a perfect introduction to all things Ayurveda. I learned so much about nurturing myself, my body, and my environment during my sessions with Lacey. After participating in the course, working together with Lacey, and using the skills and knowledge she taught me, my body feels refreshed and my clarity has been restored. I am looking forward to continuing my Ayurvedic practices and using the skills Lacey taught me to maintain balance in my mind, body, and daily life.

Heather S. 

Taking part in the 6 Week Ayurveda program gave me the space to check in with myself during a very hectic and stressful time in my life. Having daily rituals prescribed to me based on my dosha helped me feel more balanced and grounded. I look forward to continuing the morning routine, tongue scraping, oil pulling, Abhyanga, and stewed apples, far into the future. These routines start my day with a structure that has benefited me greatly.

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