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Ki Collective

Holistic Health

Services Provided

Ki Collective strives too provide a safe and authentic environment for all individuals to freely explore alternative and healthy wellness modalities. 

At Ki Collective, experience multiple health modalities under one roof. Each offering is structured with client energy and wellbeing in mind. We hope to see you soon. 

Lisa W.

“Lacey has changed my life! My anxiety has decreased and my sleep quality has increased substantially since seeing her."

Jessie K.

"Lacey takes time to listen to what I need at every appointment and tailors each session to match. I love having reflexology with her. Additionally, she hosts community events that feel special and are well arranged."

Rebecca M.

“Lacey knows how to translate what my body is saying through her expansive knowledge. Her expertise in working through the feet has been a big help in my overall health.”
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